Sake with a twist.

Classic cocktails made with Tōji Sake

Tōji is a crisp, well-balanced sake which perfectly compliments a variety of flavours.

Although traditionally enjoyed like a wine, Tōji Sake is also versatile enough to be substituted into any classic cocktail to add a twist. 

View our list of Tōji Sake cocktails below


Sake Mojito


60ml Tōji Sake

A handful of Mint leaves

Half a lime, cubed

1 tsp Sugar 

Soda water


Muddle lime and mint together in your glass. 

Add 60ml of Tōji Sake and 1 teaspoon of sugar. 

Fill your glass with ice, stir and top with soda water

Garnish -- 1 mint sprig and two slices of lime

Enjoy, Kanpai!


Sake Moscow Mule


60ml Tōji Sake

15ml lemon juice

Some ginger, cubed

Cucumber slices

Ginger Beer


Muddle ginger and add in Tōji Sake, lemon juice, and cucumber slices. 

Add ice and stir until the ingredients are slightly diluted 

Top with ginger beer

Garnish -- slice of ginger

Enjoy, Kanpai


Strawberry & Lychee Cocktail


45ml Tōji Sake

15ml Lychee juice

2 Strawberries, quartered

2 Lychees, quartered

15ml Lime


Muddle the strawberries and lychees.

Pour in Tōji Sake, Soho liqueur and lime. 

Add ice and shake, shake, shake.

Pour into glass. 

Garnish -- two lychees on a toothpick

Enjoy, Kanpai!


Lychee Cocktail


60ml Tōji Sake

15 Soho liqueur

30ml lychee juice

2 lychees, quartered

15ml lime


Add all ingredients into mixing glass.

Add ice and stir until slighlty diluted.

No Garnish

Enjoy, Kanpai!